Ready to start your agile retirement project?

With rising inflation, a looming bear market, and headlines full of less-than-encouraging news, it’s more important than ever to create a retirement plan that gives you the flexibility to adjust to whatever life throws your way.

Come join Roger Whitney, the Retirement Answer Man, for a live online hangout. We’ll share how our agile project-management-style approach can help you confidently create a plan to rock retirement, despite uncertain times. He’ll also show you how the Rock Retirement Club can help you establish a plan of record, clarify your thinking, and provide the support you need to get the most out of this exciting time in your life.

During the hour, Roger will share:

  • The importance of an agile plan vs. a traditional retirement plan
  • The 5 key principles of an agile approach
  • An action plan to help you get started
  • A sneak peak at Rock Retirement Club (RRC)

We’ll give you all the details about our next open enrollment for the RRC Fall 2022 Cohort. This enrollment period will be the last chance to join Rock Retirement Club this year. Is the RRC what you need to give you the confidence to Rock Retirement?

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